My *Old* Home Cinema in Germany

Building Phase Pictures

Completion Pictures

My DVD Collection


Screen 106" Da-Lite High Contrast CinemaVision with Pro Trim (1.1 gain)
Projector JVC DLA-RS1 (ISF-Calibrated by Raphael Vogt
HD-DVD Player Microsoft Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add-on
Blu-ray Player Playstation3
DVD player Oppo DV-970HD
D-Theater-equipped D-VHS player JVC HM-DH40000
Video Processor DVDO iScan VP50
A/V Switcher Audio Authority 1154A
Preamp Atlantic Technology P-2000
Main Amp Atlantic Technology A-2000
Sub Amps Two Atlantic Technology SA-8200s
Speakers Atlantic Technology System 8200 THX Ultra 2
(7.1 / Four Pedwoofer configuration)
Gaming Consoles Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox 360

Playstation 3

Display Backlighting Cinema Quest Inc. Ideal-Lume
Power Centers Monster Power Home Theatre Reference PowerSource HTPS 7000 with Dual Balanced Pure Power Isolation Transformers
Monster Power Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter™ HTS 2600 with Clean Power™ Stage 2 v2.0
Voltage Stabilizer Monster Power Signature Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVS 2000
Voltage Converter Generic 2000W Converter
IR Extender Powermid IR Extender Set
Equipment Racks Sanus Systems Euro Audio and Video Racks
Step Lighting LED Inc. Hed-Lite
Seating 3 Fortress Seating Matinee Chairs
Theatre Walls Treated with paint matched to a Kodak 18% gray card

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