My *Old* Home Cinema in Belgium

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Display Sony KD-34XBR2 34-inch HDTV (ISF-Calibrated by Gregg Loewen)
DVD player Denon DVD-1600 (Secrets of HT & HF Recommended 480p award winner)
VCR Samsung VR3604
D-Theater-equipped D-VHS player JVC HM-DH40000
Preamp Atlantic Technology P-2000
Main Amp Atlantic Technology A-2000
Sub Amps Two Atlantic Technology SA-8200s
Speakers Atlantic Technology System 8200 THX Ultra 2
(7.1 / Four Pedwoofer configuration)
Gaming Console Microsoft Xbox
Display Backlighting Cinema Quest Inc. Ideal-Lume
Powercenters Monster Power Home Theatre Reference PowerSource HTPS 7000 with Dual Balanced Pure Power Isolation Transformers
Monster Power Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter™ HTS 2600 with Clean Power™ Stage 2 v2.0
Voltage Stabilizer Monster Power Signature Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVS 2000
Voltage Converter AED VC4000
Equipment Racks Sanus Systems Euro Audio and Video Racks
Cables Monster Video® 2 Component Video Cable
Monster Video® 1 Component Video Cable
Silver Serpent Component Video Cable
Silver Serpent Audio Interconnects
Radio Shack Digital Optical Cable
Dayton Digital Optical Cable
Monster FireLink® Ultra-High Speed IEEE 1394 Multimedia Connection - 4/4
Step Lighting LED Inc. Hed-Lite
Theatre Walls Treated with paint matched to a Kodak 18% gray card


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