I have just been listening to veterans of W.W. II describe D-Day and of the heroism and sacrifices made by themselves and their comrades to save the world from evil. My very first thought was not of their well known exploits, but of the modern soldier who must not only suffer the slings and arrows of the evil barbarians in Iraq and Afghanistan, but who also must suffer the shrill voices of the scumbags in the media and of left-wing traitorous politicians who seek to undermine their effort at initiating something like democracy where it has never been. Our biggest problem today is being stabbed in the back by the left leaning media, who do not seem to realize or care that if we lose this fight with evil, their cherished and abused 1st Amendment rights will be the first to go.

           We could never have won W.W. II if Dan Blather and his ilk had been around and unchecked as they are today. My father was with Gen. Patton's army (his was called “The Farthest East Division”- because they were) on the last day of the war in Europe and he told me of many things that would have caused the bleeding heart crybabies to go into hysterics. His Division captured over 106,000 Germans that were accounted for. More were not. Did they get mistreated by posing them naked or beating them, no let me tell you what really happened to the animals who had murdered and tortured their way back to the Fatherland.

           My father's division liberated many concentration camps and there were many people following behind the lines known as DP's (displaced persons). The DP's had suffered horribly at the hands of the Nazis. They were often armed by us and given charge of the POW's to take to the rear. Many never made it past the first row of woods or over a hill, but what gunfire would be heard and no more POW's. My father told me at an early age, that you had to understand what these people had suffered.

           The real difference in war between then and now is that there was no Peter Jennings and camera crew to incite sympathy for the evil and I do mean evil, enemy. The political correctness (read gutlessness) of not going after Al Sadr when he is hiding in a holy place (every place in Iraq is holy to someone, it seems) is failure guaranteed. We can not win if we play by the evil enemy’s rules, there are no rules in war. We dishonor all those who have died to keep us free by not giving our best effort to protect our own and destroy the enemy. We are losing far too many of our troops by trying to mollify world opinion.







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