This tip is a pretty simple way to impress your guests by informing them about your feature for the evening.  The Stargate Cinema Home Theater Feature Marquee Sign with Deluxe Add-On Pack* contains almost everything you need to spell out your feature's title, actors, rating, and even its sound format.  However, the last time I checked, the Deluxe Add-On Pack only included old-school Dolby Digital and DTS signs.  If you want DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD signs, you'll have to craft those on your own.  The same goes for a D-Box Motion Code placard. 

Nevertheless, the sign is a terrific addition to any home theatre and I highly recommend it.  In addition to advertising your movie night features, the sign can also be used to welcome overnight guests from out of town.  Trust me, if you put a welcome sign on this board for your overnight guests, they will be really impressed.  I guess it's always the small things that can go a long way.



*Please note that the Deluxe Add-On Pack is only available when you purchase the sign directly through the Stargate Cinema website.