Halloween-Themed Bar

Figures include: NECA Masked Predator (P1), McFarlane The Thing Norris Monster, McFarlane The Thing Blair Monster, NECA Freddy (NOEM 1), NECA Cenobite Lair, NECA Freddy (NOEM 2), NECA Battle Damaged Predator (Predators), NECA Aliens Alien, McFarlane Ash surrounded by various makes of zombie figures (mostly Palisades' Resident Evil figures), SOTA Toys The Thing MacReady vs. Kennel Diorama, McFarlane Leatherface, Sideshow Collectibles T-600 12-inch WRSV (difficult to see), McFarlane Ghostface Killer, McFarlane The Thing Norris Spider

Specialty lighting from minispotlight.com

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